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(A Perfect Year)

: (A Perfect Year)



[ 1 Online, Free-to-Play, Educational Video Game ]


( 7 Episodic / Psychedelic / Sci-Fi Experiences )

Embark on a transhumanist epic through space and mind!


A Perfect Year


In the year 8128, the last Perfect Number discovered by the Ancient Greeks, a futuristic society is seeking to perfect humanity by systematically melting & melding all remaining human brains, saving only their individual positive factors-          exactly like the summation of Perfect Numbers.

As a preserved human from our present time, you awaken from Hypo-Stasis aboard a surreal, symbolic spaceship named The Prosopon.


Your mind is summarily melted down into Water Memory using DNA Data Dissolution + Quantum Solvent Superfluids, and you are psychologically coerced into a Cognitive Dissonance Chamber where your psyche is fused with that of another post-human.


A Water Memory World is formed from the fusion of your unfamiliar minds, and as a result you must survive an internal trial of forced evolution, where only the strongest ideas are saved to be added to the Astral Arc.


The transcendent outcome of your fused Soul Solvents is then poured into a psychic cyborg called a Strata Statue, which is a psyche receptacle designed to look like the Greek Statues from antiquated human history.


Using your own personalized Strata Statue as an aesthetic avatar, meld your Water Memory with what remains of humanity in order to play your part in the superfluid future of this psuedo-scientific social experiment known as

"A Perfect Year"