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Shadow, Crystal, Water

Shadow, Crystal Water is an action-adventure puzzle game with sound, gravity, and light manipulation elements based on human biology and the psychology of Jacques Lacan.

The demo level was designed in Unity 3.5 as part of a collaborative effort at the Honors College of Rartian Valley Community College.​ Below is a link to a playable version of the game along with a folder containing the related game documents.


The demo focuses on a level in the game based on the human ear, where you have already been turned into a shadow and have just attained a "light tool" weapon to fight back with. Right mouse click is to melee, and left mouse click is to fire the light tool. The white/blue markings on your arm indicate your health (when it goes black you die), and the brighter of the yellow tendrils (based on the stereocilia of the ear) produce healing sounds that replenish your health. By meleeing special bright blue crystals (based on the gravity-perceiving otoliths of the ear) you can reverse gravity. Find a means to defeat the crystallized shadow creature and escape the cave through a secret exit using the local crystal structures in order to complete the demo.


Shadow Crystal Water / Grotto Demo -

(your computer security may warn you about the file since it's a .exe but it's safe)

Design Document (Full Story Included)

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