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A Perfect Year

     Our studio's flagship project, "A Perfect Year", is an upcoming Online Science Fiction RPG, acting as a “Transhumanist Choose-Your-Own Adventure Through Space and Mind”. Players can meld minds with their friends online in order to perfect humanity, exploring surreal psychic worlds while utilizing a variety of personalized gameplay styles. The game will encompass both an online multiplayer component as well as a psychedelic collection of 7 Paid, Episodic, & Personalized Sci-Fi Experiences. These singular episodes can be bought in-game as downloadable content called “Ego Eggs.”


     The game takes place in the year 8128, the last Perfect Number discovered by the Ancient Greeks, and accordingly all remaining human brains are being removed and factored together one-by-one like the summation of Perfect Numbers. Players start by creating a customizable Greek Statue/psychic cyborg called a “Strata Statue” to be their virtual avatar, and proceed to make a sci-fi focused social life for themselves aboard a symbolic spaceship utopia named The Prosopon. Once online, players will meld minds with one another vicariously throughout various gameplay modes appealing to a wide range of digital interests. By collecting player statistics and logging game leaderboards, the players can systematically compete for evolutionary dominance in surreal psychological duels called “Cognitive Dissonance Trials”- where the battles are physical as well as psychological. Whenever they’ve finished pooling psyches with other players, users can explore the many scientific sub-sectors of the Prosopon itself, which is filled to the brim with didactic mini-games and interactive media experiments, the more didactic of which will be consistently updated with accurate information provided by our professorial and scientific consultants at the Rochester Institute of Technology.


     The project utilizes an episodic approach to provide creative expandability as well as financial sustainability. The project incorporates a (completely optional) paid episodic narrative element which will help provide us with consistent budgetary support to power our project and support our studio financially. In order to progress with the primary storyline beyond the free-to-play multiplayer hub world, the user will buy “Ego Eggs”, which are essentially episodes containing new Water Memory Worlds to psychically explore. Hypostatic Studios aspires throughout each progressive release of these episodes to enlighten and inspire the player on diversified topics through experimental yet effective narrative and gameplay design, leading them to question the nature of our species, the reality that surrounds us, and the potential futures of the human race.


     While fusing psyches with other post-humans inside of the Prosopon, the player will explore psychic landscapes packed with relevant and meticulously researched information regarding the themes of psychology, morality, theology, the classical sciences, sexuality, economics, nutrition, and mathematical numerology. Throughout the epic experience of [8128]:(A Perfect Year), the player will come to interactively analyze the many interesting fields of scientific research that comprise our strange reality, and will simultaneously come to contemplate the place of their own individual human experience inside this ridiculously complex spectrum of [un]natural life.

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