The Dream Sequence


An experimental fusion of gameplay and player interaction with reality itself through an in-game economy, charity involvement, crowd-sourcing, relevance-through-evolution narrative, community discussion and idea generation. The game was originally titled Astral Project and was designed by Robert Santiago, founder and Studio Lead.

Astral Project later evolved into the beta-stage of a gamified version of The Dream Sequence digital novel written by co-founder and creative director, Sam Lord. In the full version, a three-part campaign mode will take the player on a journey through a highly-advanced alien world decimated by poverty, war, and scarcity. The main character is one of the privileged few on his world with the power of Sequencing, an incredible ability that allows him to manipulate the fabric of reality with his mind. When his family and friends are threatened, the shattering of his faith in the world and his own psyche will have profound consequences in a universe where form and thought are one.

The original WIP concept document including product goal statement, functional specs, personas, use case scenarios, mood boards, UI wireframes, usability test reports, and UI mock-ups can be viewed here:


A game demo is coming soon. Be sure the check out the The Dream Sequence digital novel under the "Story" tab as well!