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Robert Santiago

Studio Lead

Game Designer



Video Editor

STEM instructor



     Greetings, I'm Robert Santiago, a graduate video game developer from The Rochester Institute of Technology. I am currently Studio Lead, Lead Gameplay Designer, and Creative Director of Hypostatic Studios, while also teaching coding and game development classes online through Game-U . I primarily focus on Level Design, Gameplay Programming, Narrative Design, Practical Gamification, and Audio Production. My progressive design philosophy is set on expanding the boundaries of the technical artform of video games, while also branching into practical and academic aims. I have a long-standing love of science fiction, and strive to create mind-expanding digital entertainment. I possess an interest in all of the many diverse areas of game development, from programming to music production, and I try to be involved in as many areas as humanly possible.


My personal motto is:


"Think Outside The Self Towards The Truth"






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