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Watcher Island

Episode 1 is out now!

Watcher Island is an exciting action/adventure RPG and podcast experience.


"In a dystopian alternate reality, a group of refugees fight to defend the home they've built for themselves from sinister and otherworldly factions."


In its beta stage, Watcher Island is an on-rail shooter designed in Unity. Lost in a surreal forest and guiding a group of similarly lost humans, the player comes across a car made out of a tree. The car is armed with a futuristic laser gun, and the player must use this weapon to defend their fellow humans from the many monsters in the woods.

The fully developed game will feature a first-person campaign mode, an app-based geocaching feature, and an accompanying digital novel. The gameplay  centers on cooperative discovery and growth for the virtual and ultimately real-life players. The demo features path finding, path following, flocking, steering, on-rail shooter gameplay, a variety of animations and movement scripts, and a scoring system that tracks the number of monsters disintegrated and the number of humans saved. The tree car follows the player as they man its light laser, and the humans follow the player on the tree car while monsters are triggered to seek out and attack your human party, effectively making the line of humans following the player their health bar. If all the humans die, the game ends.


Demo coming Soon!

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